The history of the C.M.O. group is the story of how a winning idea combined with determined people can bring to life a modern group, example of efficiency and versatility.  


C.M.O was born, as single company, in 1985. It started from pure mechanical machining, obtained through traditional machines, and it turned out to occupy a position of primary importance in the field of global sub-contracting with first class customers worldwide, thanks to the most advanced technologies and to optimization of the resources; all of this united with the search of the highest quality standards.


Every company has its own action independence, an own customer fleet and a strong economic solidity. 

The companies which compose the group operate in different sectors :


CMO spa

Precision mechanical machining


Electromechanical components


Pneumatic components


Hydraulic components


Pneumatic Fittings


High voltage services


Mechanical constructions




TECNOFLUID Engineering s.r.l. • 20811 Cesano Maderno (MB) • Italy • CF P.IVA MB 02385880964


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