Tecnofluid offers itself as company at the forefront in the branch of hydraulics.

Biggest merit of the company is the modern technical office, able to propose effective solutions for the widest range of needs, from plant engineering to the realization of custom devices on client's specific request.


The winning combination of solid know-how and attention to the customer's requests renders Tecnofluid more than just a supplier: Tecnofluid is the ideal partner, able to supply flexible solutions which satisfy the customer with quickness and efficacy.


Thanks to the plurennial and permanent partnership with customers who are key players in the electromechanical field, Tecnofluid confirms its role of reliable partner, innovative and trustworthy.


The production is entirely Made in Italy and the products are assembled inside the company: thanks to the technical background of its staff, Tecnofluid grants a quality standard at the forefront of the market levels.


Tecnofluid is leader in the production of:


  • Compact hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic lock cylinders

  • Hydraulic cylinders single effect

  • Hydraulic cylinders double effect

  • Hydraulic docking power units

  • Hydropneumatic pumps

  • Hydraulic speed regulators

  • Special cylinders

  • Special valves for hydraulics


TECNOFLUID Engineering s.r.l. • 20811 Cesano Maderno (MB) • Italy • CF P.IVA MB 02385880964


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